Kitchen Design

cairns kitchen minimalist

Here at Cairns Kitchen Renovation Co, we offer a wide range of kitchen styles and designs that match every home and business owners’ unique needs and preferences whilst working on their budget. We can work on any of the following kitchen designs you like:

  • Cottage Charm Style Kitchens – it doesn’t matter if the kitchen space is large or tiny, cottage kitchens are made for you to feel warm and cosy. Because of their nice touches and rustic finishes, cottage-style kitchens are always unique in the sense that they serve as the perfect backdrop for paintings and other art collectibles. If you’re into vintage items from flea markets, this design will make your weekend finds into everyday pleasures.
  • Mediterranean Style Kitchens – this design will make you become an owner of a small hotel in the South of France. The tones are just warm. The surfaces are elegantly classic, and the vibe is just romantic. To mimic that Mediterranean look anywhere, go for fabrics that are warm-toned and pair it with wooden cabinetry, and handmade ceramic items, copper pots and perhaps a tapestry.
  • Colonial Style Kitchens – while this is an American colonial inspired kitchen style, there are a lot of Australians who want to have it at home. There are items that make for a perfect combination to this romantic and undeniably lovely kitchen such as antique accessories. With our designers, you have someone who are more than happy to create for you.
  • Coastal Style Kitchens – regardless if you live at the beach or just want that you did, you can trust our experts to do an excellent job at combing in cool shades of blue, green, white and sand to set a vacation-time vibe. The fabrics and flooring are made to stand up to make coastal-style kitchens easy to maintain, and window finishes that enable for natural sunlight to come in.

Old World Style Kitchen – if you want to transport back to the time when materials were solid and craftsmanship was the best, this type of design will make you love history and the riches it brings. Search for dark mahogany tones having lots of carving and detail, and stone or wooden floors to complement the look. Accentuate it with historical items and rich fabrics, and you’re all set to be in the old times.