Kitchen Cabinetry

cairns minimalist kitchen cabinet

Getting your kitchen organised is quite a task to pull off. More so when you have a lot of kitchen items and equipment that you can’t easily get rid of. Luckily, at Cairns Kitchen Renovation Co, we have the solution for you. Our company can customise your very own kitchen cabinet where you can properly store your things without destroying the theme or look of your kitchen.

Our team of kitchen fitters can design and make you a simple yet sturdy cabinet, or the classiest yet durable one. When you hire us, you get to choose from our top-grade materials and coupled with our world-class craftsmanship when it comes to cabinet-making. So, you will never have to worry about damages or the lack of kitchen organisation.

Our kitchen cabinets are professionally designed and constructed to feature these:

  • The Right Cabinet Size and Look – before landing on a design for kitchen cabinets, we always make sure to take in the space of your kitchen. We do this so we would know the right size of your cabinet. As experts, we suggest that you go for space-saving cabinets to get enough space to work around. Still, we see to it that the cabinets are in accordance with your kitchen look and style.
  • Proper Selection of Materials – our company offers only top-quality materials and hardware to create the best kitchen cabinets that feature durability and strength. Our company has a lot of choices when it comes to accessories such as knobs, handles, and pulls; stainless steel, melamine, metal, wood, and thermo foil.  When it comes to hardware, it also features different base materials, such as metal and brass alloys.
  • Practicality of the Cabinet– in our company, we always make sure to consider your needs no matter how unique they are. Our company makes beautifully designed, yet highly functional cabinets that can last long. One of the features that we ought to consider is the accessibility of the cabinets.
  • The Cabinet Installation – more recently, the cabinet style that has become the trend in modern style cabinets is the frameless one. No matter what your preference is when it comes to style— classic or contemporary, our company can offer a lot of selections for cabinets. You name it— specialty cabinets, appliance cabinets, standalone cabinets, base and frameless cabinets, and have them for you.

At Cairns Kitchen Renovation Specialists, the options are practically limitless when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, tones, and finishes. All you need to do is to tell us what your desired kitchen style and theme is, and we create a matching cabinet set for you. Call us today.