cairns kitchen tiling

Before deciding to build a new kitchen or to do minor upgrades for the existing one, you must put benchtop installation as part of your plan. Our professionals at Cairns Kitchen Specialists can also give you customised designs for benchtops that are reflective of your character, choices and other specifications.

We are always here to help regardless if you already have a design or if you need some expert help to modify it. Our benchtop materials have different styles, colours and finishes, and here are some of them:

  • Natural stone benchtops
  • Timber benchtops
  • Stainless steel benchtops
  • Glass benchtops
  • Engineered stone benchtops
  • Polished concrete benchtops
  • Porcelain benchtops
  • Laminated benchtops

The moment the layout of your kitchen is done, you must pick a suitable benchtop. Aside from taking in the look of the material, you must also see its practicality and suitability. The benchtop material must deliver its purpose to make the preparation and cooking of the food in the kitchen a breeze.

The selection of material for the benchtop is important as the convenience of the activities and tasks depend on its performance. Choosing the right benchtop can be difficult, specifically on the availability of the materials. Talking to the experts like us can help you find the best material that suits your needs.

Caring For Your Benchtop

Keep in mind that it is always crucial to know that benchtops need the proper care and maintenance procedures so they can last long. Listed below are some helpful guides on how to care and maintain benchtops:

  • Perform a simple wipe down using mild cleansers and warm water
  • Prevent stains from spilling on the surface as these can cause discolouration or permanent damage
  • Avoid cutting or using a knife directly on the surface
  • Do not put hot objects directly on the surface
  • Do not put body weight on the benchtop by sitting or standing on it

Durable, High-Quality Benchtops for Your Dream Kitchen

Only trust our experts at Cairns Kitchen Renovation Specialists for that long-lasting and highly-classy benchtop you have always wanted. Allow us to make your dream kitchen a reality by choosing our top-quality benchtops. Call us now.